Slaves of great britain

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Over time the descendants of these unions created a mixed-race Creole population and culture which effectively dominated the regions commerce by the beginning of the 19th Century. Part of a hoard of Roman silver vessels and plaques of early 4th century date, probably church plate, found in the Roman town at Water Newton (Cambridgeshire). The head of Jesus Christ on a mosaic from the villa at Hinton St Mary, Dorset.

Ponds for fish and ducks were popular in Roman gardens and there was often a fountain as well. They encouraged education for their children and allowed the London-based Church Missionary Society (CMS) to establish schools in the area while at first conveniently overlooking the economic activity and source of wealth of the parents of the mixed-race children they taught. Amputation of diseased limbs was a bit of a last resort and the patient rarely recovered.

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